Dhul-Hijjah e-Book

Dhul-Hijjah e-Book


Book 2 in the Maha and Maryam series! Message us for a preview of chapter one. 


Join Maha and Maryam on the journey of their lifetime...all from their comfy little bed! 


Maha and Maryam visit the blessed land of Makkah in an exciting dream and hear the tale of Allah's best friend, Ibraaheem Alayhis Salaam, straight from the mountains of Makkah themselves.  Listen to the compelling life of this great Nabi and learn how we remember him every year during Dhul Hijjah especially. 


With 5 spaced out chapters, each one focuses on a different aspect perfectly describing important details so kiddos can understand Hajj. Read a chapter a day so it's exciting and fun, and bedtime story time is sorted for almost a week! 


Portion of proceeds will be used to buy books for needy students of Deen... So here's another Sadaqah jaariya opportunity for you and your loved ones! 


Available as an e-book or plastic bound story book. Contact us now to get your copy. 


e-book: R90
Printed and bound copy: R140.


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