A Kind of Nour- Rose Gold Glimmer

A Kind of Nour- Rose Gold Glimmer


Print from the comfort of your home and enjoy premium resources with little effort and great affordability.

(Printing Instructions 4 on a page for Insert cards and 8 on a page for Kindness Kits.)


This kit is created especially carefully to plant the seeds of kindness, doing good deeds and love for growing rewards in Jannah in children's hearts. An improvement to our Kindness Kits, the 'A KIND of Nour' pack includes 30 envelopes with a good-deed task for the day as well as info cards, resources to carry out the tasks and reward stickers.


With fun, well-thought out good deeds, easy to understand explanations from Ahadith and bright colours and stickers, this is bound to create a love for kindness and the nour of good deeds in any child's heart!


Suitable for ages 5-12.


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