My Du'aa Buddy - Free Printable

A lovely activity to teach children the importance of making du'aa for others

Children teach you to dream big and ask Allah for the impossible! I wish the yaqeen we have when making du'aa could be like theirs...they truly ask for whatever their heart desires, whether or not it's logically possible.

I did an activity once when I was teaching. I gave every little girl a square piece of paper and told them to write the most special du'aas they held in their heart. They could write as many as they wanted, whatever they wished. (Even for chocolate fountains and marshmallow pillows!)

At the end I collected them and told them I'd give them back the next day. They had to make sure that none of their names were written anywhere on the cards. The next day I passed the cards out. Every girl was given a card that was not theirs. They now had a secret du'aa buddy! Each day, it was now their duty to pick their hands up and say to Allah, "Oh Allah, my du'aa buddy wants..., so grant it to them," teaching them that it's important to make du'aa for others.

You can add the Hadith in to your lesson where Rasoulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam mentioned the virtue of making du'aa for others.

“The du'aa of a Muslim for his brother in his absence is readily accepted. An angel is appointed to his side. Whenever he makes a beneficial du'aa for his brother, the appointed angel says, ‘Aameen. And may you also be blessed with the same.’" {Sahih Muslim}

It's so beautiful how Allah tests each of us in different ways and how we're all on the same journey but travel on different paths. A lovely thing to include for older children would be the method of making du'aa. You can find the free printable for the method of du'aa and the my du'aa buddy sheets when you click the link below.

Find the free printables here!

How to use the My Du'aa Buddy free template:

1. Open the PDF file with Adobe Reader.

2. Connect your laptop or computer to a printer.

3. Go to the setting that says PRINT and click on it.

4. Under page sizing and handling, you will see a setting titled multiple. Click on that. Make sure your page is set to print with portrait orientation.

5. Where it says pages per sheet, choose the custom option. Type in 2 by 3 (not 3 by 2!). This will allow you to print all 6 PDF pages on one sheet of card.

If you'd like to fit more than 6 printables on a sheet, or you'd like to resize the design, please contact us via email or WhatsApp!

Much love and du'aa,

Amal Arts.

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