Laylatul Qadr- The Night of Power

“Verily, this month has presented itself to you. There is a night within it that is better than a thousand months. Whoever is deprived of it has been deprived of all good. None is deprived of its good but that he is truly deprived.”

Sunan Ibn Maajah

So we know we're a little late with this, but we promise it's with good reason! Read on to find out more.

Laylatul Qadr is such a great gift given to this Ummah, and how unfortunate if Muslim kids aren't able to understand its power and greatness! This thought kept playing on my mind... What if they never understand the true magnomity of the night? What if the wonderful blessings slip away from their grasp without them realising? The du'aas from their little hearts are readily accepted, and helping them understand that will create such a love for worship in them!

It's an important thing to teach kids, because these are the stepping stones to helping them realise and get to know Allah. Making Laylatul Qadr the big deal that it is will help their little minds process the concept of doing ibaadah only for Allah, and hopefully introduce them to the magic of deen! This was the driving force behind my short little book, "Which one are you, oh special night?"

I wrote it to explain to children all over the world what Laylatul Qadr is, and that it's a night for them to do ibaadah, too. I know I was supposed to upload the printables a few days ago (I'm sorry to those who didn't receive them yet!) but we were so excited to release the book that we thought a little wait won't hurt ;)

I pray that Allah accepts from me, my husband and my family (they were a big part of this!) and that many, many children are able benefit and join in the magic of the night of power!

I've uploaded the 3 free Laylatul Qadr printables. Feel free to download and share them- I really hope you love and benefit from them! You can find all our Laylatul Qadr products on the Laylatul Qadr tab under 'Ramadhan.'

Much love and Du'aa,


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