Colours of Amal - Gift Thawaab!

We at Amal Arts have been brainstorming ideas for our Eid range since the beginning of Ramadhan. For many, Eid is celebrated with the bare minimum. Tons of people don't have the luxuries we do and this year will be especially difficult. Colours of Amal is our Eid range.

You deposit money into our bank account- any amount at all! Our deen is so beautiful-

you can make multiple intentions and receive no decrease in thawaab! So you'll make your donation and make an intention for every person you want to give an Eid gift to.

We then forward the card designs of your choice (or all 4!) to you, and you can print as many as you need. On Eid day, you can either send the designs as e-cards or deliver them to your family and friends who were included in your intention when you donated. The beauty part of our deen is this- you could include as many people as you'd like for any amount.

We have chosen to work with Colours of Hope. All our profits- every single cent- will be given to Colours of Hope. The money will then be used to buy Qur'aans for underprivileged students and used to support needy families who need it most.

So you kill two birds with one stone... you'll be able to do your Eid gifting, gain thawaab and gift thawaab all at once!

May Allah reward you for your generosity and bless you with the highest stages of Jannah!

Banking Details for South Africans:

After you have made payment, please email us for your printables!

Absa Bank

A/C name: H. Parak

A/C number: 9246647796

Branch code: 632005


Reference: Colours of Amal

PayPal Link for international payments:

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