99 Names of Allah Competition

It’s competition time!

Allah has ninety-nine names and whoever preserves them will enter Paradise.” {Bukhari and Muslim}

Well, I’ve been pretty boring lately. I just haven’t had any motivation to post or to create and share. It's been a busy month and I cannot believe Ramadhan is almost over. It's impossible to think about where the time flew and honestly, I don't know if I've given the month the importance it deserves. But we at Amal Arts are back with a competition for all your kiddos!

You guys know that we're all about promoting deen in a fun and educational way, and educational art is our thing. So we've come up with this...

A 99 names of Allah competition!

Follow the steps and stand a chance to win a personalised striving for Jannah mug and more! (other than a palace in Jannah!) Now, we all know about Allah's 99 names. But did you know that if you memorise all of them, you’re guaranteed Jannah? So here’s a challenge for your kiddos that will benefit their aakhirah and help them occupy themselves productively!

And even better... We’re choosing 5 winners! This is the perfect opportunity to motivate your kids to do something amazing for their aakhirah.

Now, what do you have to do to enter?

1. The contestant must be under 12 years of age.

2. They must memorise all 99 names of Allah before May 30th.

3. You must send us a video or audio of the contestant reciting the names of Allah.

That’s it! Get memorising and have fun! We can’t wait to receive your entries.

PS- you can get some super cool 99 names of Allah prints here for only R40! The links below are also great ways for your kids to memorise the names of Allah. Just play them all day- you'll be blown away at how fast they pick them up!

The first is a favourite of mine- al-Asma ul Husnaa being sung by Malaysians. So melodious!


Next up is a new release from Maher Zain and it's absolutely amazing!


Next is a lovely poem sung by a young sister Ismah! It's stuck in my head, too, and I'm really sure your kids will enjoy singing along.

Blessed names are these, they're so easy to read! Memorise them with me, so that in Jannah we can be!

I pray these help and benefit you! Each contestant will win a gift voucher from Amal Arts and we will choose 5 winners after that who will receive personalised mugs and a cash prize! It’s the perfect opportunity to race each other to do good, and why not build a house in Jannah while you’re at it. Share this post with mums and possible contestants and earn a share in the thawaab too!

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