Assalaamu Alaykum and welcome to Amal Arts! You will find beautiful Islaamic themed products, gift ideas and teaching aids. 

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About Amal Arts

I'm H, the person behind the business you see. When you think small business, it usually means one-man run. But really, my entire family is part of the team! My husband proof reads and references everything, my mum is my idea generator, and literally everyone else helps to laminate, cut, craft- whatever there is to do!


I love creating designs and products to help you worship Allah in a fun, exciting way. We try to create content- mostly educational Islamic Art- suitable for all ages and absolutely love getting feedback from you! Please pop me a message if you have any suggestions and tips.


If you don't find what you need on my website, I can most probably create it for you! Looking forward to hearing from

you. Much love and du'aa... 

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Take a look at some of our designs!

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